07/20/11 (Wed)
"We Never Stop Working."
澤穂希さんのコメントを英語で読みました。(元記事はこちら。ちなみに同じコメントは日本語では報道されなかったようです) きょうのタイトルのところで、ぐぐっと涙が出てきました。これを日本語でどう言ったのかはわかりませんが、むしろ英語だからこそ、気持ちがストレートに伝わってきました。この "We" には、「わたしたち日本人」という思いが詰まっていると解釈して。以下に引用します。

“We knew that what we were doing here could be about a little more than just a football tournament. If winning this makes one person, someone who lost something or someone or was hurt or damaged by the events that touched our country, feel better for even one moment, then we have really achieved a most special thing. If it makes everyone happy and joyful and gives them a reason to cheer after such difficult times, then we have been successful. Japan has been hurt and so many lives have been affected. We can not change that but Japan is coming back and this was our chance to represent our nation and show that we never stop working. This is like a dream to us and we hope our country shares it with us."